How to figure out your BMI

You can easily figure out your body mass index by using an online BMI calculator . You can enter weight in lbs or kgs and height in inches or meters. The BMI is important because you know how much mass you have related to your height. It is good to know because your heart is […]

Success stories on weight loss

While i’m researching the web to learn more and more about the human body, especially weight loss, i’m coming more often to the conclusion that the morale is the most important thing if you want to lose weight. This is why i thought to give you some motivation, and i will share with you success […]

Help the World lose 12,000,000 lbs by 2012

This is the mission set by  . Their goal is to help world lose 12,000,000 lbs by 2012 ( aprox. 6, 000 000 kgs ) . What they do to complete this mission ? They want people to count their weight and build a weight loss scale by reporting the weight at regular intervals. […]