How to figure out your BMI

You can easily figure out your body mass index by using an online BMI calculator . You can enter weight in lbs or kgs and height in inches or meters. The BMI is important because you know how much mass you have related to your height. It is good to know because your heart is […]

Metric system for BMI calculator

I am glad to announce that i have updated the BMI calculator to accept metric system values. You can use both anglo-saxon system and metric system, just enter the values and select the system you want. The BMI calculator will know how to convert them and show your body mass index.

Health and weight loss tools

Hello. I wanted to tell you that now you can get benefit of baseter tools made here. 1. WordPress plugin to calculate BMI ( body mass index ) If you have a wordpress blog or wordpress driven websuite you can add this tool to your sidebar. Download it from here . Extract, then upload in […]