weight loss

Why to wait for new year to start losing weight ?

20 days passed from new year, and we already know that the new year is the resolutions moment. Most people set their goals to lose some weight starting along with the new year. Everything is fine so far, a good way to motivate, but i bet 98% of people who make a weight loss resolution […]

Help the World lose 12,000,000 lbs by 2012

This is the mission set by http://miinus.org  . Their goal is to help world lose 12,000,000 lbs by 2012 ( aprox. 6, 000 000 kgs ) . What they do to complete this mission ? They want people to count their weight and build a weight loss scale by reporting the weight at regular intervals. […]

Atkins diet, it is for you or not ?

Atkins diet is most probably the most popular diet in the world, he smashed no-bread diet, rice diet, cabbage soup diet, cake diet, or any other diet. Why ? Probably because all other diets failed, and they failed because they are strict to one type of food, and no one can do that for more […]