How to figure out your BMI

You can easily figure out your body mass index by using an online BMI calculator . You can enter weight in lbs or kgs and height in inches or meters. The BMI is important because you know how much mass you have related to your height. It is good to know because your heart is […]

What can BMI tell about your health

BMI stands for body mass index which should reflect the amount of mass you have related to height. It is a basic indication if a person is slim or not. The formula to calculate BMI is a bit complex, but not hard at all for software like body mass index calculator . What we are […]

BMI ( body mass index ) calculator

Hello. This is Baseter blog, you will find here articles, links and stuff related to health and body mass index. Body mass index, or short, BMI can indicate if a person is underweight, overweight or obese. In popular view, only the weight counts, but the obesity level is also related to height. You can’t compare […]