Success stories on weight loss

While i’m researching the web to learn more and more about the human body, especially weight loss, i’m coming more often to the conclusion that the morale is the most important thing if you want to lose weight.

This is why i thought to give you some motivation, and i will share with you success stories on weight loss.
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Metric system for BMI calculator

I am glad to announce that i have updated the BMI calculator to accept metric system values.

You can use both anglo-saxon system and metric system, just enter the values and select the system you want. The BMI calculator will know how to convert them and show your body mass index.

Why to wait for new year to start losing weight ?

20 days passed from new year, and we already know that the new year is the resolutions moment. Most people set their goals to lose some weight starting along with the new year. Everything is fine so far, a good way to motivate, but i bet 98% of people who make a weight loss resolution at new years will fail. Why ? Because it is a fact that they lack motivation. They will be focused few days after the new year, and also they think that their motivation are burning up fat without having to do any effort.
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Help the World lose 12,000,000 lbs by 2012

This is the mission set by  . Their goal is to help world lose 12,000,000 lbs by 2012 ( aprox. 6, 000 000 kgs ) .

What they do to complete this mission ? They want people to count their weight and build a weight loss scale by reporting the weight at regular intervals. Maybe you are asking how this can be considered helping ? It is because that scale is like a promission that you make to yourself. You set the goals and the website is your witness.
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Health and weight loss tools


I wanted to tell you that now you can get benefit of baseter tools made here.

1. WordPress plugin to calculate BMI ( body mass index )

If you have a wordpress blog or wordpress driven websuite you can add this tool to your sidebar. Download it from here . Extract, then upload in wp-content/plugins and activate it from your plugins menu of you wordpress administration panel. Then go to Widgets and drag it to your sidebar.
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Atkins diet, it is for you or not ?

Atkins diet is most probably the most popular diet in the world, he smashed no-bread diet, rice diet, cabbage soup diet, cake diet, or any other diet. Why ? Probably because all other diets failed, and they failed because they are strict to one type of food, and no one can do that for more than few weeks. Other good diets are having moderate success because they are well made, but they are not as popular as atkins diet is. Maybe one factor is the name of this diet which  was easy branded and people remembered the name.
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Health risks because high BMI

Body mass index should tell us wither we are obese, underweight or overweight, it is not always true, since someone can have a lot of weight but all of it to be muscles, not fat. We all know that fat is dangerous, in fact, obesity is dangerous. Researchers tell us every day about problems that may appear because obesity. I don’t want to scary people, but we have to know what we are dealing with.

The main problems that can appear because obesity are cardiovascular problems, diabetes and some forms of cancer, according to machineslikeus . They also quote researchers that concluded a relation between BMI and disease risks, and it turned out true over time.
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What can BMI tell about your health

BMI stands for body mass index which should reflect the amount of mass you have related to height. It is a basic indication if a person is slim or not. The formula to calculate BMI is a bit complex, but not hard at all for software like body mass index calculator .

What we are trying to find out if BMI is relevant or not. Let’s take the case of a 99 lbs and 5.7 feet and the case of a 180 lbs with 5.9 feet. 99 lbs means slim person and 180 means a fat one, so the BMI of 16 for the first person and BMI of 27 of the second person reflect the truth. What if the 180 lbs person has only muscles, he is fat or not ? Most will say that it is not fat, he has muscles, he is strong. Is he healthy ? In some points of view his health is much better than to same weight same height person with mostly fat.
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BMI ( body mass index ) calculator

Hello. This is Baseter blog, you will find here articles, links and stuff related to health and body mass index.

Body mass index, or short, BMI can indicate if a person is underweight, overweight or obese. In popular view, only the weight counts, but the obesity level is also related to height. You can’t compare the weight of 5 feet child with the weight of 6,5 man. BMI is not easy to be calculated without a pencil, or a calculator, but it is very important.

How to get BMI ? multiply the weight in lbs with 703, and divide it by height square in inches. It is simple but complicated to do everything in mind, so everything you have to do is to use a body mass index calculator .