Can cigars help you to lose weight ?

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This is probably the most popular myth floating in the air. Even if it lost popularity in the past years this questions go at least one time in out minds: can cigars lose weight ?”

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Top 10 tips for losing weight

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Most people face big problems when dealing with weight loss. They keep trying dietes that they never accomplish, they do a lot of exercises but they never see any results, etc.

The cause of this is that people rely on a single aspect. Their way of thinking is this: “if i eat less i will lose weight”, “if i run 30 minutes/day i will lose weight”. That is not true. The results can be seen by making one of these, but i can call that “favorable situation” or simply “luck.

To lose weight you need to take care of more aspects of your life: what you eat, what is your level of activity, etc.

Here is a list with 10 tips to lose weight, if you follow at least 5 of them there is a greater chance that you will succed.
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7 tips to eliminate the hunger when you want to lose weight

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To lose weight is imperative that you eat less. If you eat less, and before you were used to eat a lot you will have problems with the hunger. This is the reasons that most diet fails.

If you stomach is used with a lot of food with a lot of sugar, he will be unhappy when you suddenly stop giving him the same.

But you don’t have what to do, it is a pain that you must endure to reach your goals. You will never lose weight if you eat same things as before.
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How to fight the beast ( your stomach )

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You put up in your mind that you definitely have to start losing some weight. You decide that you will eat less, you won’t eat between meals, you go out to run, don’t eat candies anymore, no bread.

Very well, your plan is set up and all you want to do is to start. And you do.

How many times did this happened to you ? How many times you started a diet and you renounced very next day, or in some cases in the same day ?

What that happened, what was the reason that you failed  ? I tell you: the beast. Your stomach.
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The morale is probably the most important thing in a diet

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Well, how many times you started to lose weight ? How many times you kept your program more than 2 weeks ? There are different situations when morale kick you down.

Maybe the plan was not right from the start, you wanted to do something that it was very hard to keep, then you had some personal problems and everything ruined. How can you work on this ? how ca you do not let the morale to make you hungry.

Probably one of the reasons we are hungry when we are nervous is the fact that we always used to do this. If we want to change, we have to start from the roots, to change this behaviour.
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How can health surveys impact your morale

I bet you are used to see on website, or hear at radio that 50% people in your country are overweight, or 30% , or a very high amount. How this thing can impact your morale ?

We know that the morale is probalby the most important thing when you want to maintain or lose weight. Let’s face it, the morale is responsable for you getting at this weight.
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Keep yourself healthy with fitness and weight lifting

Some people will associate weight lifting with something unhealthy, and only the aerobic and running with something good, but let me tell that weight lifting is probably the most benefic thing for your health.

Why is weight lifting benefic ? Ii improves the methabolism, it helps your heart to be stronger, decrease the risk of diabet, prevent weight gaining and makes your body to look much better even if you have a lot of fat on you.
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Food that will help you to lose weight

Well, there are not magic herbs or something like that. Read along and you will find out what foods can help you to lose weight. There are not magic tricks, it is just food that has low claories.

The problems that we all get fat is because our stomach wants more and more food. When we eat more the stomach gets larger and it will ask for more food, if we give them we are trapped, it will get bigger and bigger and it is hard to stop.
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Avoid weight loss pills and other magic tricks

You want to start to lose weight and you see all those ads saying that you can lose 50 pounds in 1 month, or 10 pounds a week just by taking those pills and eating as much as you can, or books that can teach you to lose 30 pounds in a month with super magic formula that is not know by anyone and you are the first one that find out the secret.

Well, i can tell you that 100% those things won’t work. Many of them have hidden catches, “this works only if you run 3 hours/day”, “this works only if you eat less than 1000 calories/day”, but no one looks at that facts. And the magic weight loss pills are not so magic right now, isn’t it ?
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How to figure out your BMI

You can easily figure out your body mass index by using an online BMI calculator . You can enter weight in lbs or kgs and height in inches or meters.

The BMI is important because you know how much mass you have related to your height. It is good to know because your heart is not designed to carry so much weight. BMI can’t tell everything anyway, for example can’t tell you how much fat you have, only mass.
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