Help the World lose 12,000,000 lbs by 2012

This is the mission set by  . Their goal is to help world lose 12,000,000 lbs by 2012 ( aprox. 6, 000 000 kgs ) .

What they do to complete this mission ? They want people to count their weight and build a weight loss scale by reporting the weight at regular intervals. Maybe you are asking how this can be considered helping ? It is because that scale is like a promission that you make to yourself. You set the goals and the website is your witness.

They also have some scale sharing. Researchers proved that goals shared with others has a greater chance of being reached. Most people that are setting goals don’t share them, so what you have to do:

1. Set a goal ( a real one, in my experience an achievable goal is no more than 2lbs/week )

2. Share your goal

3. Update your progress, even if it sometimes negative, it will help you being conscious about that. ( people tend to get their problems out of their minds to avoid stress )

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