Health and weight loss tools


I wanted to tell you that now you can get benefit of baseter tools made here.

1. WordPress plugin to calculate BMI ( body mass index )

If you have a wordpress blog or wordpress driven websuite you can add this tool to your sidebar. Download it from here . Extract, then upload in wp-content/plugins and activate it from your plugins menu of you wordpress administration panel. Then go to Widgets and drag it to your sidebar.

2. BMI calculator extension for Google Chrome

If you are unsure what chrome is, it is the fastest and most secure browser so far. It’s main advantage is it’s large browsing area, where a webpage is shown on the monitor without taking the space with titlebar, toolbars or other unusefull stuff. To get chrome go to and download it.

The extension part of google chrome is still in beta, so if you want to use extension ( many of them are very cool ) you have to get the beta version from here .

After you have installed beta version of google chrome go to BMI calculator for google chrome and press on “Install” button. That’s it, now your extension will appear in the right cornet, near the address bar.

Have fun.

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