What can BMI tell about your health

BMI stands for body mass index which should reflect the amount of mass you have related to height. It is a basic indication if a person is slim or not. The formula to calculate BMI is a bit complex, but not hard at all for software like body mass index calculator .

What we are trying to find out if BMI is relevant or not. Let’s take the case of a 99 lbs and 5.7 feet and the case of a 180 lbs with 5.9 feet. 99 lbs means slim person and 180 means a fat one, so the BMI of 16 for the first person and BMI of 27 of the second person reflect the truth. What if the 180 lbs person has only muscles, he is fat or not ? Most will say that it is not fat, he has muscles, he is strong. Is he healthy ? In some points of view his health is much better than to same weight same height person with mostly fat.

Why ? Because the fat is not going only near stomach, or arms or legs, the fat goes to heart too, while the muscle man, while trained his muscles he trained his heart muscle, making it to be stronger, and can result in a longer life.

The fat also is going to stand near blood veins, making the blood to flow with obstacles. The oxygen is transported trough blood, and this will end up in less oxygen for brain.

But, can we say that a muscle man is in perfect health ? Probably not, because all that weight and effort needs oxygen, which is transported in blood pumped by the heart in veins, and the heart will be overwhelmed and i don’t think it is a good idea.

In conclusion, BMI can only tell what is the mass related to height, but it can’t tell too much about the health, but it can give us a warning when something is out of range. A good BMI can’t tell us that we are healthy, but a bad BMI can tell us that we are not.

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