Health risks because high BMI

Body mass index should tell us wither we are obese, underweight or overweight, it is not always true, since someone can have a lot of weight but all of it to be muscles, not fat. We all know that fat is dangerous, in fact, obesity is dangerous. Researchers tell us every day about problems that may appear because obesity. I don’t want to scary people, but we have to know what we are dealing with.

The main problems that can appear because obesity are cardiovascular problems, diabetes and some forms of cancer, according to machineslikeus . They also quote researchers that concluded a relation between BMI and disease risks, and it turned out true over time.

We have only one heart, and if we give it to carry more, it will tire quickly. The obesity is not the cause for diabetes, actually the intake of sugars is the cause for obesity and diabetes. They both have the same cause, but they are not dependent one to another.

Drinking soda is a cause for obesity, according to ktradionetwork . I think we have to look at this stuff not by addressing simple issues, so if you stop drinking soda you will not loose weight, but, planning it in advance with taking care of what you eat and drink will help your health a lot. But, at this point i have great news: Drink no-sugar soda , have you heard of pepsi light ? or pepsi max ? Your friends will say that it is for diabetics, but, why not avoiding being one ?

Obesity increases the risk for obstructive sleep apnea in adolescents, according to . This is bad, if you can’t rest, you will be tiered all the day, taking into account that you have to carry all weight after you.

Others think that the solution is in psychotherapy. Let’s be frankly, to go to psychotherapy you must think that you have a problem, and at that point you already looking for solutions, don’t need someone to force you. 

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